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Cleaning Moisture Cellars Concrete repair

"Moisture is everyware"

this decision is unfortunately tru.

Everyone of us have in one way or another, faced with moisture problems
During the daily activities in a family home or factory we produces an average of 11.5 liters of fluid.
Health is very important.
Therefore, it is also of great importance to bring the high humidity back to a livable level
A moist habitat may adversely affect
Think of stuffiness, cough, headache, mucus formation, chronic fatigue and cold nose.
It is not the fluid itself what makes people sick.
The presence of moisture makes it grow from dust mites and molds as possible

Infiltration of water can occur in various places:

    -On gaps between windows and structural work,
    -At a basement vat which is poorly executed. . .
    -Taking moisture in the walls.
    -Rainwater that in the masonry Calls
    -Poor or damaged concrete
The remedy is obvious: fixing the weak spots as soon as possible

Basement: in-and out-side watertight

How good a new building is, how water free it is, by over the years the construction will be exposed to influences of all kinds.
Fluid leakage problems, rising damp, to be a facade for various building structures and express themselves in many ways.
What about tension in the soil eg. by construction of infrastructure in the area, fall or rise of groundwater and constructive forces of the parent building.
Since basements often largely built below ground level may also be temperature differences between inside and outside / top and bottom cause of damage later become visible.
Moisture can penetrate through cracks, shrinkage cracks, which dilatation add leak, small structural defects (wall / floor jack).
When moisture resistance works are not only solved problems but also during construction, various systems and techniques applied preventively.
Many clients underestimate the problem of rising damp and leaks.
It is therefore important that your moisture problem is clearly identified by means of a expert advisory out.
If possible, the best basement waterproofing still outside seal.
This could be

    -an foil using some very effective and financially the most attractive level, but this is not enough because it only against the basement wall and therefore below the top, side, overlap still not watertight.
    -For these problems, it is often a roofing burned. research and as many owners / tenants should note, following several years already problems with water in the cellars by the isolation of burnt roofing,
    -This can certainly be said that in new cellar outside a watertight seal with mortars the most reliable and financially advantageous solution.

Near old caves, it is not always possible to place an outside seal. but the waterproof mortar and finish with a waterproof plaster your basement through the inside to 100% sealed with a beautiful appearance even as the final, where years No water problems will be.

Walls: cleaning/ maintaining/ restauration

The first impression of a house / building / building in a fraction of a second determined by the appearance of the facade and the building well maintained?
Soiled facades are a thorn in the eye.
The face of the house is strong.
For what concerns the maintenance determine the facades and roof basement most of the impression.
About the environment of a building, have we not an influence, but when it comes to facade cleaning and restoration
We are at your service.
The use of various cleaning techniques such as:

    -cleaning with hot water, high pressure jets or mists makes facades as new.

If your wall is clean (new or cleaning), we recommend to impregnate the facade.
This has no effect on the immediate appearance of the facade but a large impact on sustainability.
When impregnation a colorless liquid at the wall after which drying provides a moisture-proof but breathable film layer.
Fluid stay outside of the facade (draws not in), while moisture in the wall that already exists, in vapor form still can go out.
This water-proof effect slows new pollutions and adhesion of mosses and algae.

Walls: impregnation

    - an higher vallue of isolation
    - the end of ingoing water and moisture
    - a higher degree of protection against frost damage by penetrating moisture (that expulsion by freezing).
    - delay new pollution and adhesion of mosses and algae.

Concrete: floor/ wall/ restauration-repair

By large temperature fluctuations, moisture, salts, dayley passages, concrete fatigue, etc. .. concrete should be maintained and updated.
A floor, concrete beams, concrete walls, ... defense is best shown as soon as possible restored, otherwise the problem is bigger and the repair costs will quickly increase or even irreparable damage that costs up to hundred or thousand(s) .


    -a wear spot in an industrial building on a half- m, after a month already m tall by fork lift trucks or others.
    -a crack or chip in a concrete wall, beam or pond can even become 4x as much in a month due to weather

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